I noticed that you have one long sleeve and one short sleeved shirt. You could eliminate one shirt by using the long sleeve in spring/fall and rolling up the sleeves if you get hot. If you need to get warmer, put on your fleece. If you need to get warmer than that, I always use my rain jacket. If I need to get warmer than that than either I'm not hiking and I need to get in my bag OR I am hiking and it so cold outside that likely the temps will be far lower than my 20* bag rating and I'm getting out of there. (That doesn't happen very often were I live.)

I'd drop a pair of socks. One to wear while walking, the other to wear at night and the next day. (I rotate.) I wear trail shoes, so I expect them to get wet. But it makes creek crossings much eaiser and faster.

Underwear has been discussed here before. You may want to search the archives. I enjoy the Patagonia boxer briefs. They are pricey, but man oh man they feel great. And note that I have also used them for swimming because they dry so quickly.

You haven't discussed rain gear. For 3 season (which is all seasons were I live) I only use a rain jacket. It doubles as an outer layer for extreme cold and wind and serves as my pillow at night. You may have a different system in mind, but I thought I'd ask.
I always forget and make it more complicated than it needs to be...it's just walking.