Here is my clothing list that i have compiled and where i found them. please feel free to critique.

1 polyster athletic short sleeve shirt(closet)
1 north face 100% vented long sleeve fishing shirt (ebay baby!!!)
1 nylon cheapy pair of shorts(found in the bottom of my drawr grin
? looking for a pair of nylon zip off pants
3 pair of addidas athletic socks (drawer)
? haven't looked into underwear yet becuase all i have right now are cotton ones.
1 pair of neoprene/fleece gloves (hunting bag)
1 carhartt acrylic beanie (on my dresser)
1 columbia fleece pullover (another ebay steal)

What i don't have listed are a swimsuit and a pair of fleece pants or soemthing of the sort. I figure i will go for a dip in my underwear if i feel to go for a swim, no big deal. And as for fleece pants i am not sure if i really need them? any suggestions on my list or my ideas above would be great.

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