These are all great ideas. My B-day is coming up here in may so i might ask the parents for a sleeping bag for an early present. I know that is one thing i don't want to go cheap on becuase i will probably regret it. I will also poke around the local second hand stores to see what i can find. I am not necessarily in any sort of rush for this spring. i am mainly looking for good deals for this summer. Currently i have lacrosse practice 4 days a week and starting feb. through the beginning of may we have games each weekend. You guys have really been a huge help, but the one thing that i am still blank on is a list of articles of clothing i will need, say for a 3-4 day packing trip. At least from that list i can start seeing what i have in my drawers that will fit my hiking needs and seeing what i will need to be looking for on steepandcheap and also the local second hand stores. thanks again for all the great help so far.