i checked out the tables list and it is going to be a huge help. I have already kind of prioritized what i need to get together to finish my gear collecting. I will probably keep my pack for a while even though it is a bit heavier. my tent i own is a small cabelas bivey that weighs around 3.5 lbs (still a little heavy but will due the job fine for now). My sleeping bag is definetly too heavy i think coming in around 4 lbs and i would really like a new one since it is very old and crumby(zipper breaking and stuff like that). I have a good first aid kit that is small and has more then enough things in it, that i made myself. I am in the process of making a alcohol stove out of the budwieser can like outdooradventurer.com or whatever that guys website is. this will let me cut my heavier stove i have for backpacking out saving me almost 2 lbs. I already have a nice pot with a spork and several other cooking items i carry.

I don't have a filtration system yet. i have been poking around the idea of a gravity one and have taken a liking to them, but i am not completely fixed.

And last things i need are articles of clothes. What woudl really help is a list of things taht you guys carry like. 2 pairs of socks, 1 light jacket- fleece or... , one pair of pant zip off shorts, etc. like a list like that would do wonders for me i think. then i can start keeping an eye out for things.