Jim, I agree with you all the way. My gear is no way near adequate for those temps. The wintertrekkers practice traditional camping. That is their style and the focus of their website. However, they do use big down parkas when "cold camping" and mostly use the old school outerwear to avoid tearing up their down gear in the bush or getting it too close to a fire. My big parka would definitely be coming on this trip-along with my insulated pants.

Boots are a big issue as you said. I haven't figured out what my choice would be for those yet. I've got time to think about it. Maybe Baffins. A -40C bag for sure. I will look around to rent one rather than buy one. The WM bag is almost a grand. I could probably get one from someone like RMI or AMH.

Big mitts or gloves, also on the menu. Plenty of time to sort all this out. Meanwhile, I am planning a short trip to Yosemite for next month. I will probably go up to Crane Flat on the other side of the Valley this time. I've emailed the rangers about where to camp already, so I have the info on that.

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