Where I hike the most, caching water is the rule. Hopefully you can plan your caches near a road. I like to use sealed gallon jugs bought at the store for caches. The seal insures the cache hasn't been tampered with (seen that happen) and those jugs can be stomped down flat for easy carry, and they weight practically nothing. The lower half of a jug makes a good wash basin, too.
I write my contact info, date, and likely pickup time on the jug with a sharpie pen. Then camo and hide the cache completely from view, well off trail. If I'm carrying a GPS, I'll set a waypoint for the cache....but also make some notes and mark compass bearings to two land features. My GPS put me 100 yards off of one of my caches and the compass found it, so make sure you write down plenty of clues. You'll be tired when you get to the cache and searching for your own water is no fun. DO NOT cache food with your water. Animals will 'un-hide' your cache, guaranteed.
That's about it.
paul, texas KD5IVP