I checked the website. It is just one person's opinion. The skeeter thing is simply a function of the time of year he went. You could easily avoid mosquitoes by not going in July.

Also, he did not really do the entire route. It does not count if you skip the portion from Cedar Grove to Mather Pass. I have actually done about 80% of the route (and the unofficial portion south of Cedar Grove to Mineral King) and will not consider that I have completed the route until I do ALL of it in one through-hike.

Nevertheless, he gives some good advise. You certainly do not have to do it "light and fast" as he did. I am all for light but prefer to travel a slower pace. I really think 10 miles a day is a better mileage goal for most backpackers, given the nature of the off-trail travel. I believe he did about 15-20 miles a day.

Roper's guidebook is quite lacking on route details or logistical planning information so the websites do give a bit more information albeit very subjective.