5000 yrs from now a Pleiadian archaeologist will dig up your plastic wedge and try to determine, from the scratches & dings left on it, what it was used for.

Back at U of Pleiades he'll be droning on about how, "I suspect it was used for ceremonial religious practices, but the exact function is undetermined thus far."

No way man, Back at all the Universities in Pleiades they'll all publish hundreds of papers with well supported theories about the bizzare yellow wedge shaped object, I mean there'll be the Pleiadian journal of astro-archeology, the Pleidian journal of regular polyhedrons, the Pleidian journal of yellow things... It will keep the Pleidian bureaucrats at the granting agencies busy for years handing out money for academics to have graduate students study an new theory about the mysterious yellow wedge..
Any fool can be uncomfortable...
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