jak the strategy set out by shelton is not one that changes for different areas, it changes for different types of attacks and different types of bears(oh my goodness i stated i would never respond to anything and allready broke my own rule please forgive me i will finish my answer and i will try to do this honouradbe and i am not trying to be argumentive again forgive me all) to continue i will try to answer your questions as best as i can including refrencing his 3 books. your first question i cannot answer in regard to new brunswick but his feeling on childern is that they are especially vulnerable and to watch them very closely always he feels that the black bear predatory instinct kicks in when the bear sees something that it feels capable of taking .the example he uses is this if a regular old black was sitting by a trail and watched a moose go by probally nothing would happen then if a small child was to walk by he would be much more prone to becoming predatory . blacks are very oppertunistic when it comes to killing if they feel they can, they might become predatory.

he would not say that carrying a big stick is pointless he gives quite a few examples of people using different objects to defend themselves succsesfully, but he would also say that at the least all adults present should carry spray ,a group of people armed with spray is a very significant defense.

he does mention citronella but i can not remember what he said looking briefly thru his books i can not find this refrence maybe i can find it later,sorry. lastly tents or tarps he has strong feelings on this one and feels that one should never sleep in the open always in a tent he has stated that a tent seems to confuse them and prevents them from initially just walking up and grabbing you as you sleep. he also states that a good knife and spray should alwaya be with you in the tent as the bear is pushing against the material it should awaken you and you should slit the tent where his head is and use the spray then exit the tent and get averyone together out of there tents and monitor the situation basically circle the wagons. he says that a good flashlight is desiradle at this point or try to get big fire going.
getting back to florida this defence is the same whereever you are these are his feelings and not my opinions so please lets all try to be nice i dont want anyone being mad or feeling hurt just trying to help lyall