BTW, I just read the link that JAK supplied and I find this guy utterly ridiculous in his comments concerning Gary Shelton, hunting, bears and nature in general. Why don't you e-mail HIM and "teach" him a few bits of your "wisdom"?

That was this link...
Frankly I don't know what the author David Orton is on about because I haven't read Shelton, other than perhaps indirectly through some of the Parks Canada sites. I'll take it from your endorsement of Gary Shelton that Orton is the one that is politicizing the issue not Gary Shelton.

I must point out however, that there seems to be two distinct sets of Parks Canada information. The bear safety information you access through parks like Fundy National Park is quite different that "Bear Country" Parks. That is not because we have fewer bears in New Brunswick. I believe it is simply because our bears are less dangerous and call for a different set of precautions and measures. There is still somewhat of a lack of information for extra measures which might be taken for hiking and camping in small groups with small children, other than not to do it, which isn't really an option for me. What does Gary Shelton say about hiking in places like New Brunswick with a small child? Would he say that carrying a big stick is useful, or pointless? What about avoiding citronella bug repellant? What are the risks of a night time attack against an adult and small child in a tent vs under a tarp. Would bear spray help in this situation? This would be useful information to me.

Getting back to Florida, what applies, and what doesn't?