i have promised to u all that i would not say anything more about bears and i will do my best to try and keep this promise how ever i would like a chance to straighten out some of the finger pointing going on.

kutenay there is no where in any of my postings or in my private message that i ever accused you of saying that you approached to within yards of bears if you check both times i mentioned it was to say that being yards away from any type of bear is dangerous not spiritual and that it is irresponsible to suggest it as spiritual as people asking for help might get the wrong message.that is what i said.
i have said this is irresponsible 2 times well 3 now and have not tried to distort this

also you need to check back as you did state that you never carry spray not the seldom that you now claim....as far as your shooting capibilities i have never said any thing at all about this the only thing that i might add is that the people that work in the bush have no need for an arsonal usually only a few firearm types a good camp gun 12ga ahunting rifle and usually something for varmints. they use one for hunting become very good with it and we mostly all reload as it produces a better bullet. the need for a purpose built bear gun is non-existant there is plenty of calibres out there that work just fine.
another point is that other than saying you have made a irresponsible comment, it has been you doing the name calling eg ignorant distortion when ther was none and infantile when i said something you did not like

aimless there was only one place that i said some one was making a statement that was untrue and wrong and i felt and still feel that it is wrong and after this i explained why i dont feel as if this is bad as to me a statement is either wrong or right especially with this type of subject it was not meant to ruffle feathers
no gary did not read this thread as he stated that he does not spend anymore time trying to educate people who are not open to his way of thinking his premise is proven by thousands of bush people and those who wish the info can take it but he wasn,t going to debate the issues with anybody as he knows what is happening in n america as the statistics clearly show the changes

in the end i did not missread what kutenay said he must have forgotten that he first claimed to never carry spray, it is still there in black and white as well as his other post claiming that he never said it, i have never chosen to deliberatly missenterpert or falsify any body,s comments

jak ther is no where that i have ever claimed that all bears in all areas are like ours in fact if you look back i have stated that across n americe the bears are all changing and that this is happening at different rates in different areas but the attacks are in the increase
i have tried to stay in the adult during these posts and did not mean to engage anyone we all have our opinions i have only tried to provide information which most field working and park and rec people use as a basis for there training all across n america. take care lyall