there are diferences but not necessarily behavioural differences , rather in different stages of evolving ,these areas you speak of had there populations greatly reduced by ranchers up to about 20 years ago then the preservanist movement movement kicked in. as the bear populatoins increase the changes are becoming more noticable for example
.1996 black bear attack mt lemmon arizona serious injuries bear had been relocated lawsuit followed ,20 years ago this bear would have been destroyed not relocated. what you ended up with is a relocated bear therefore he had no territory. he also learned that humans do not hurt him.
.1999 long lake wisconsin person dragged from tent very serious injury wardens were baffeled at the bears behaviour as the campers had no food near the tents and had not cooked in the area.
. 2000 black bear kills person in great smoky mountain nat park during the attack 1 dozen people threw rocks and tried to scare bear off it would not stop and despite there presence did not leave for several hours.

. 2000 glacier nat park serious injuries black bear he was stalked circled and charged as the bear charged he played dead but during the severe mauling he decided to fight back and in dong so saveed his life.

i have more examples but this is not needed the point i am trying to make is the widespread geographical presence of bear attacks. and these attacks were not the fault of the people they all had done nothing wrong except to venture into bear area with no self defence .

it does kind off make me sad as to the amount of resistance met with here by people with old ideas about bears for example had all of the 4 people above had taken the steps to protect themselves as i suggest the out come probally would have been different in 3 out of the 4 cases. eg bear spray sucess rate is about 70%

i am sorry to carry on as so but i dont believe we all see the bigger picture of what is happening and for everyone out there what would be the harm in reading a book and buying a can of bear spray i am not trying to be arguememtive only helpful