the major reason that there is a diffeence between our bears ,is that many of your hiker / outdoor backpackers etc carry pistols and we can not even if your bears are not out right killed the learned behaviour that is passed down from mother to cub is still happening there where it is not happening here ,,also those juvinile blacks that you speak of make up the bigger part of our problems it is a combination of being hungry as they are not big enough to establish territory with high food value and also they are having some of there first human encounters with people where mother bear is not present.

your area is part of the last frontier where regular outdoor pistol packing is the norm and there is stil large populations of both types of bears. there is also alot more informed people as to the true status of bears .here we are bombarded by many many false the bears are endangered that it has made it diffucult to weed out the reality . our conservation branch has been under tremendous pressure to charge people when bears are killed in self defence that people are afraid to report this . the un reporting then makes the statistics not look as bad as it really is.
this book that i recommend does not just cover bears in one area it investigates attacks all over north america and really breaks down bear behaviour in response to different types of encounters. there is no golden rules but having the guidelines from one of the most in depth and realist views can do nothing but help ..most of the larger government enqiures are influenced by city based enviromental style groups and they still often attach the blame on the individual involved and not the bear.