what i was trying to say is that a black bear that sticks around is usually because it has cubs or no place to escape is not true at all there are many different reasons why they may be sticking around and it is wrong to lump them into a few catagories.

i know that i am a real pain about this but in my area black bear attacks now out number grizzly attacks this is because we have overprotected our bears, hunter numbers are down and bears have lost there fear of man this is now spreading to areas where it was never like that before.there is more bears than ther used to be and they are reasserting themselves at the top of the food chain.

you stated that usually black bears just stalk you this is a perfect example of people not realizing what is going on, this type of bear is probally the most dangerous out there.and as they continue to be able to do this with no repercussions the consequences may turn awfull especially in a low food year.

please do not take my word but please read the bear encounter survival guide by james shelton.isbn#0-9698099-0-5 .in your area there is no room for old beliefs you need to educate your self properly especially with the changes in blacks over the last few years.