I used to teach basic bear coping techniques as a part of my supervision/training of forestry crews and I started working in the BC bush in April, 1965. I am from a pioneer BC family and was raised in the Kootenays by genuine oldtime bushmen, so, I had some real knowledge of what I was about.

I have now had quite a few Grizzly encounters in my nearly 53 years of active bush activities and hundreds of Blacks and I have yet to be attacked, BUT, it COULD happen and frequently does and to very experienced bushmen. There is a lot of bear material out there and most of it is pure bullschitt, so, here is what I suggest.

You need simple, workable techniques that will save your azz if you encounter an aggressive bruin and they seem to be increasing in number. The BEST advice is found in the book I suggest you buy, read and practice and you do not need to buy dozens of books to learn what you need to know.


Bear Encounter Survival Guide

by James Gary Shelton

US Distributor: Partners Publishing Group
2325 Jarco Drive, Holt, Michigan, USA 48842
Ph. 1-800-336-3137// Fax. 517-694-0617

Gary is a couple years older than I am and is now retired, AFAIK, he lives in Hagensborg, BC and there are LOTS of bears there, I saw over a dozen on my last trip up there. He is an American who came to BC circa 1965 and was smart enough to LISTEN TO the same sort of oldtime BCers that I learned from. I do not agree with his attitudes concerning ...preservationist biologists... in many respects and we know quite a number of people in common, but, I have not met him.

He certainly is not the only real "expert" on bears, BUT, this book contains the most realistic advice on avoiding/surviving bear problems that I have ever seen and it is the best source for your needs.

Take your time and learn about bears slowly and cautiously and you will enjoy the experience. I love to watch bears, have been within a few yards of both Grizzlies and Blacks on several occasions, both armed and not and find these to be fabulous spiritual experiences. However, bears ARE dangerous and require and deserve our careful handling.