I don't know how anyone else would make one but with my budget of 0$ this is how I made my own winter sleeping pad. I havent had a chance to try it out yet so im hopin its suitable for the snow.

I had some left over insulation (yellow stuff) from some repairs on the house so I took one strip, split the thickness in half so I had two pieces each at half width. I laid them out on the floor so I could figure out the exact size I wanted. Once I knew the size I wanted and got all the pieces together I laid them out on a garbage bag which I had split down the sides so it was a large plastic sheet. I split another garbage bag down the sides so I had one more plastic sheet that I laid on top of my insulation.

So now I have this layer effect going on plastic sheet - insulation (yellow) - plastic sheet. I sealed all the edges with "Tuck Tape" (red) its the stuff you use to seal the tyvek sheets on the outside of your house I figure this tape should be pretty good no matter what the weather other wise it would not be used externally on your house. So pretty much I have now a giant garbage bag filled with yellow house insulation. I didn't really want to use the garbage bags but in order to control the fine dust that comes off house hold insulation I felt it was necessary. I did however poke six to eight small holes on either side of the bag with a pencil so as to let the trapped air out.

Finally I used an old light weight fleece throw blanket as a cover. I put the blanket on the floor and then placed the bag on top and off to one side. Fold the blanket over and stitch one short side and one long leaving one short end open so I can slip the bag out and wash the liner if I want.

It was raining out and I was bored so I tried to make some of my own gear. Has anyone ever done it like this or does everone just buy one.

Size just rolled by hand: 6" wide, 23" long. If I had a compression sack to put it into those numbers would be greatly reduced, this can be squeezed down quite a bit. As for the weight it comes in at about 26oz.

If anyone wants pictures just email me I'll gladly send a few.