I find I really don't like to bother with a lot of the super little guys like that. If I was going to take one of those little social hatchets that only serve to piss off the wood rather than actually cut it, I don't bother and just take the opinel knife, or perhaps a belt knife and my hands. By the time I bother with enough weight for an axe, those critters are only marginally less heavy than something bigger, with about a foot and a half handle and enough mechanical advantage to make a difference. As I've mentioned, what I take has about a pound and a half head, and an 18 inch handle - I have no idea what make, it's about 25 years old <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Were I looking for something like that today, with modern materiels, I'd probably do something like
this little 17 inch fiskars axe - I've seen the fiskars jobbies and they're inexpensive, and with modern materiels light and indestructible. Realisticly, that extra 6 to 10 inches of handle length makes all the difference in the world over a tiny hatchet.

Remember *most of the time* I don't bother with either saw or axe. In the dead of winter if I'm going to be burning a lot of wood, I bring one, and then I want it to be saving me enough time and effort over breaking by hand, so it has to be effective.
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