Machete.. shudder.

I'll ditto the others sentiments about them.

I take one or two things. Most of the time I take a small simple pocket
knife, either a little opinel knife, or a small swiss army knife. Big knives are for people who feel the need to compensate for something, or use them for defence. (I've field dressed a moose with a small opinel knife and a wyoming knife).

In some special situations I take a belt axe and/or a swede saw. but that's hunting or other
sorts of winter goofing around - not just regular old backpacking. (normally I only take such things If I expect to have to have a *lot* of firewood). For normal purposes I have two
hands and a pair of gloves.

Take what you'll actually use. not what looks cool. You'll carry less weight.
Any fool can be uncomfortable...
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