I have a Kelty Noah 9 tarp that serves me very well. However, I almost never find trees far enough apart to really stretch the 153 inch diameter. This isn't usually a problem as I don't get caught in the rain that often. But if it does rain, I inevitably get major sag in at least one spot. I've tried to rig it on the rectangular instead of diagonal, but the guyline loops are spaced at thirds instead of half and quarters so I get a very disproportionate amount of coverage.

So, I've been considering trimming it to an 8x8 tarp as well as rearranging the guyline loops. I've examined the tarp and believe I could do a good job.

However, I wanted some input from all y'all. Would an 8x8 be adequate coverage? I've always kinda thought the tarp was just a bit too big. Or should I just rearrange the guyline loops for a more symmetrical rectagular layout?
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