Good news for all you external frame junkies (myself included) :

Evernew America contacted me back today and said that they are planning to produce the "Load Frame Carrier" for release sometime in 2009. The frame system pictured on the website is an all aluminum frame for heavy load hauling that will NOT be sold here. Evernew says that they are working on a prototype version for the U.S. market that will be made of a "carbon/aluminum" frame and targeted specifically at backpackers! Titanium is out because it weighs more than the carbon/aluminum.
I for one am glad that a gear company is finally throwing some r&d into the external frame market. Luxurylite is great, but expensive. If they were not so darned heavy, i would still be using an external frame pack to this day. I think it's high time that the external made a comeback, they were more comfortable, more breathable on hot days. Hey! Maybe i can sew my KISS ARMY patch from 1978 on a new "ultra-lite"external frame soon!

By the way, Evernew said that they would like to hear from everyone here on TLB forums about this new external frame pack. The rep that contacted me said he reads the posts often. Any ideas?

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If you ever make it back to Japan, you probably can get the aluminum carrier pictured on the website for your "moose burgers" <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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