Ti brittle? Nope, certainly not compared to aluminum and certain steel alloys. Ti bicycle frames, for example, are light, strong and responsive but don't beat you up like typical aluminum. And Ti cookware is very flexible but springs back into shape unlike aluminum, which has to be bent back into shape.

That said, this Evernew gizmo looks hopelessly old school, at least from the little photo, like a department store pack frame from the '70s. I suppose it'd be an improvement for the Sherpas who're lugging large, oddly shaped loads up to basecamp using wood and rope lashing.

Yup, Phat, I don't doubt that you do know how heavy a Bullwinkle is and what a PITA it can be to haul pieces of one up a steep slope through Buckbrush.....

The problem, as I understand it from guys who experimented with Ti hiking poles is that Ti is a VERY brittle metal and this, IMHO, would negate it's utility for a pack frame intended for really heavyduty uses. There may well be something here that is beyond my current knowledge, but, my first backpacking frame was a magnesium Camp Trails, state of the art, 40+ long years ago and it failed under jerrycans of water on one of my BCFS fire lookouts, maybe a 60 lb. load.

So, I am pretty skeptical about this little rig, for such uses, BUT, I would LOVE to try one. Does anyone know who/where these can be purchased in North America?