I just finished (as in moments ago) my summer down sleeping bag that has been sitting on the sewing table for a few weeks. Unfortunately the camera is broken or else I would post pics. There are feather leaking everywhere from the bag. I realize part of the problem is my cheap down that was recovered from two duvet covers purchased at thrift stores. I've played with the down measuring it out and I know its not all tiny feathers. The material is 1.3 oz ripstop and was marketed at down proof.
Are the feathers leaking normal? Is it just the tiny feathers settling out of the good down? I worry what the wife will do to me when she returns to town.
In all honesty, the construction techinques were much simpler than I expected. The most frustrating part was measuring and transfering down. The down recovery worked, but it would be much simpler to buy down fresh. As long as you are acceptable of the lower quality (hence the summer bag, not three season bag) and have tons of patience then thrift store down is an option for the thrifty and broke.
I'll post some pictures when I get a camera.
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