I don't understand the need for ear plugs. Where I camp it is extremely quiet.

You are so lucky. Several nights this summer, I have been serenaded by Cicadas of which ONE can produce 90db. And then get several hundred going and you have to shout to talk to your buddy right next to you. You need ear plugs just to protect your hearing.

And then winter---- you would think it would be quiet at night. But no; in the MO Ozarks, when you get a 50mph wind going through the mountainess woods, jet engine sounds are produced all night. Initially I think Is that jet ever going to die off? and then I realize Oh oh. Its going to be one of those nights.

Anyway, I am a light sleeper so the ear plugs are a big help to me. I also take Tylenol PM (vitamin T) on the first night sometimes.