I'm glad this thread has finally returned to WyoBob's problem after going quite far afield!

I would also recommend the Six Moon Designs packs: Starlight, Comet (although that one is made smaller--it's what I have) or the new panel-loading Traveler. They each weigh just under 2 lbs. Get them with the optional stays, which are needed for the load-lifters (a real blessing, at least for me) to work properly. I've carried up to 36 lbs. in my Comet, although it wasn't pleasant for my bum knee. The pack itself and my back and shoulders felt fine. Normally, I'd say it's most comfortable with 30 lbs. or less.

As well as total pack weight, a lot depends on your torso length (from the bump at the back of your neck to a point on your spine level with the top of your hip bones--don't try to measure this yourself!) which isn't necessarily related to your height. My son-in-law is 6'4" but wears a medium pack--his height is all in his legs. I've told him the only way I'd go on a backpack with him would be if he'd carry all my stuff as well as his--that would be the only way I could keep up with him! My daughter, his wife, thought that sounded like a great idea.

WyoBob, I'd love to see more pictures of the Big Horns! I've driven across them and was entranced, but I've never hiked there. I recently returned from a week in the Wind Rivers. Wyoming is a marvelous place for hikers!

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