definitions are interesting. These posts on whether something is or is not backpacking intrigue me. Another i have oft wondered about is when does a thru-hiker become a section hiker? If a person hikes the trail continuously on weekends only and takes a break for the week and then continues from where they left off, are they a section hiker? Does it matter if they spent the week at the local motel or drove home? What if they hiked for 5 days straight and spent only the weekends at a hotel? Does it change if they went home for those 2 days? What amount of "break" from the hike is considered "ok" for one to be considered a thru hiker and does it matter how that break is spent? Just some questions floating through my mind, I don't expect there to be an answer. Likely many opinions, but probably not a definitive answer, and there doesn't need to be one. As someone said earlier HYOH.