Well, I'm not 100% sure about that. Ok, I personally wouldn't do the mobile support teams
thing, and I agree, it's an endurance test. but really, (and maybe these are fightin' words to the
AT crowd) How different is a "mobile" resupp crew from the "static" resupp points everyone uses
on the AT anyway? Ok, he's hotswapping packs - big deal. It's just so he doesn't take an
hour of downtime resupplying. Is the support team a critical part of his plan, sure - but so's
a burger shop or outdoor store for many AT hikers.

I don't think it's really not "backpacking" any more than stopping on the AT to resupply or replace
a piece of broken gear is "not backpacking". To me it's no more not "backpacking" than stopping
every 4-5 days on a long hike at a town for resupply, burgers, and beer.
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