I have a number of friends whom I have met on the 'net and some of them call me for gear advice and I have suggested Dan's packs to those who are "hardcore" and can afford the gear they want. EVERY one of them who has bought from Dan has just RAVED about his pack and a couple have ordered a second one.

Mind you, one guy who hunts Goat and Sheep in Alaska, just told me today that, good as his McHale is and his is what I am considering ordering next year, when I have saved the $$$$$, he has ordered a SECOND MR NICE frame-Crewcab combo to replace the one he sold and had bought at my suggestion.

You simply cannot beat MR for production packs where you need a pack that WILL handle a heavy load, harsh usage and still last. So, I consider the McHale to be the Rolls-Royce of packs, while the MR is the Mercedes Unimog and one should choose according to what one does.

I like gear that is light, too, but, I require function and longevity before a slightly lower weight on my back and I have had enough packs fail on trips that I no longer will use trendy stuff that won't/doesn't last. Each to his own as everyone should be happy with their gear <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> !