I've been using a Golite Trek for the past few years but after my last hike have decided I need to find a more comfortable pack. This last trip left my hips and shoulder bruised and my body, in general, sore. I'm 6, 6' 3" and 190 lbs and I think some of my padding is leaving me. I couldn't keep the pack weight on my hips as the belt kept slipping and as a result the shoulder straps cut into my shoulders. I need a hip belt that will get some "traction" and that I can tighten down without cutting into me. The Trek belt has no padding and won't stand too much "torque". It's pretty fragile.

I generally go out for 1-3 nights and the Trek did OK carrying my gear: W.M. Alpinlite sleeping bag, Prolite 4 sleeping pad and Tarptent Rainbow. But, I'd like a pack with more adjustability for hip belt/shoulder harness and more comfort. I believe the Trek is a 3900 cu in. pack and I wouldn't mind having just a slightly larger pack because I have a tendency to take too much fishing gear. I'd rather have a bit too much room and be able to compression strap the load close to my back than have to worry about fitting everything in.

One pack I've looked at is the G.G. Meridian and Latitude. Kind of weird about the compression straps going across the water bottle pockets, though. I know this pack weighs about twice as much as the Trek but, at this point, I don't care. It's either find something comfortable or find replacement hobby.

I don't get to go backpacking as much as I'd like due to my job but I did make it out a few weeks ago. It felt good. Below is a picture of the lake I hiked to in the Bighorns.

Thanks, WyoBob