got me vaguely interested. I've never attempted to calorie count my backpacking food,
I've just known over the years how much I will eat, and adjusted to ensure I don't come
back with too much food (while allowing a small reserve for the unplanned).

I've heard much banter about calorie requirements, etc. So I'm wondering how much
others are taking and actually eating.

A typical through to a "hard eating lots" day for me looks something like this:

2 packs instant oatmeal: 250 Cal
2 landjaeger sausages 310 Cal
1 snickers bar 266 Cal
1 clif bar 250 Cal
smoked almonds 200 cal
dried apricots 30 cal
1 dehydrated dinner 700 Cal
2006 Cal

long hard day
2 pop tarts 400 cal
3 landjaeger sausages 470 cal
2 snickers bars 532 cal
1 clif bar 250 cal
smoked almonds 200 cal
dried apricots 30 cal
1 dehydrated dinner 700 cal
1 soup or hot chocolate 112 cal
2644 cal

I drink tea and coffee as well, black, and I'll leave that as 0 cal.

From experience I know if I take more, I just walk out with it. Yet, I see all these "experts"
on the internet (sic) saying a 160 pound male hiking 10 miles a day needs 3500 to 4000 calories. I think if I actually tried to eat that much food while hiking I'd barf it all up - and I like to eat!. It's not a case of I'm lightening myself on my food and living on my evolutionary ties to the walrus - I just don't eat any more than that on the trail. I don't feel like it! So - what's up with this calorie nonsense?
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