Here is another good option if you are after a very small and light camera that is capable of capturing some landscapes that usually need "panorama" stitching with a standard camera. It is the Panasonic FX36 (FX35 in most countries). It has almost no manual controls but lots of nice auto overrides and a fairly sharp 25-100mm lens. As a comparison, 25mm captures about twice the area of a 35mm lens. I quickly tested this one against the only other superwide compact, the Ricoh GX100. The Ricoh doe pick up more detail and has manual options as well as an aux extension tube that takes filters and lenses, like the 19mm ultrawide attachment. However the Pana is smaller, lighter and has less linear distortion.
This is a shot I took yesterday, hopefully it gives an idea of just how wide it is.
This is after a very small amount of retouching,but I am not very good at it...
For specs, see