My favorite trail treat is a concoction of:
2 parts peanut butter
2 parts honey
2 parts molasses
4 parts corn flour (or 3 corn flour 1 soy supreme found at health food stores)
Mix it together in a plastic bowl at home( it doesn't stick) On longer jouneys I put it in a peanut butter jar, but for single servings a corner of a sanwich bagy works great.
I put on tortillas, bagels, or any bread for a quick nutritional meal, or eat it plain as a fast snack. Either way its dry so chug water with it. It is a good combo of carbs, protien, and fat to keep you going for a little weight.

NOTE: This recipe is posted on behalf of [color:"blue"]supadave[/color] who posted the recipe in the Food Forum on 12/23/04.
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