This one has a canned item, not real lighweight but a winner nevertheless.

2 envelopes Lipton Noodles n Sauce, prepare accoridng to directions, using dry milk and whatever you carry for oil (I carry a 2 oz bottle of olive oil)

drain one can salmon well, toss into pasta when it's done, with the sauce.

variation: You can take a small portion of smoked salmon with you, lighter than a can and more tasty.

quantity: I make two packets when our family (4) is hiking. and there's just barely enough. I'd make the same for two hungry hikers and save thet leftovers for breakfast.

Origin... hmm??? we do a lot of these thing rafting... try rice and sauce w/broccoli with chicken bits, I bet dehydrated chicken would work well in that

Penny S

PS - You can buy salmon, tuna and chicken in foil bags. They come either with a minimum amount of water or oil. No can to carry in or out, and very lightweight. Check out the canned meat/fish section of your supermarket (from atraildreamer).

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