7 Mistakes or Help for Beginner Hikers - Start your First Hike with this Video!

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/fk-g7zj83KU

In this video we are going to share 7 common mistakes that most beginner hikers and backpackers make when they are just starting out and our tips and advice on how to avoid them. We have been practicing hiking and backpacking since 2017 so for around 6 years now. And we did come a long way full of obstacles and struggles when being completely unexperienced in the field of camping and hiking and committing lots of mistakes. We will discuss topics like packing a backpack, studying the trail map, stealth camping, and gear essentials. We hope this video will be helpful and encouraging for all our fellow beginner hikers out there!

What tips do you have for the beginner hikers out there?