ALTUS BAMBU Folding Poles - Great Alternative to FORCLAZ MT900 Trekking Poles | Review and Comparison

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In today’s video we are bringing you a trekking pole gear review – of the new poles we acquired recently- Altus Bambu. When searching for the new pair we wanted to try out a different technology of folding the poles and looked at the weight and compactness characteristics. Altus is a new brand to us that we discovered not so long ago when searching for some new good quality trekking poles. As you may know already we are used to the Decathlon Forclaz brand and have been using their trekking poles for the last couple of years. We have been hesitating between these Altus bamboo and Forclaz MT900 trekking poles but finally decided to grab the Altus ones. In this video, we are going to share all the technical characteristics of these new poles and demonstration of use, their benefits and drawbacks we found and also do a bit of a comparison with the Forclaz MT900 trekking poles.

What trekking poles have you been using lately? Do you prefer folding or telescopic ones?