Hello, My name is Thomas Hooker and I posted this ad in a effort to find other hikers who do not care for the group style of hiking to hike with.  I am a 61 year old family man who fell in love with the most unpopular activity there is in West Michigan. My hiking years are running out and I want to get in my hikes before this happens. I have a wonderful, faithful marriage of 36 years and am only looking for others to hike with and nothing more. If you have the time and the health to do at least 4 hour hikes and are a good person with good morals and would be interested in the ideal of a hiking partner lets meet over a meal to discuss the possibility of hiking together.  I am only looking for those who have the time to set a date on the calendar to hike on atleast one weekend a month, If interested go to my Meetup group web page at https://www.meetup.com/West-Michigan-Hiking/members/ and read under the about tab. If you decide you would like to join than I would like to meet you over a meal and discuss the possibility of hiking together first before allowing membership. Thanks and have a good day and may God bless. Thomas Hooker