Hey everyone! New here to the forum and looking for some advice.

I'm looking to take a trip to Alaska for a week long backpack trip to visit Richard Proenneke's cabin. I plan to take this trip myself for certain, but may possibly bring a buddy along if he deems himself crazy enough to join me. I don't plan to use a guide service as I have all my own gear from when i section hiked part of the Appalachian Trail.

My rough plan is to leave WI and fly to Anchorage AK the last Saturday in August. Ideally i would get an early flight out of WI so that i get to Anchorage early enough to get a charter flight out that afternoon and into the bush with plenty of light left to setup camp.

Questions 1:
Has anyone specifically hiked around Dick's cabin on Upper Twin?
It would be good to have some contact's on this forum of folks i can rely specifically on for info!

Question 2:
Ok, on to specific questions. Any tips on how/where to get cheap charter flights?? Right now i have sticker shock. I've emailed a few places and most are coming back at $1800-$3000 round trip to go from Anchorage to Turquoise Lake. Now this is for the entire plane, so if my buddy goes we split the price, but if i go solo, $1800 is alot of cash for a 1hr flight (there and back for the pilot on both trips totals 4hrs).

Question 3:
As i said above, my plan is Turquoise Lake to Upper Twin over the course of a week. Based on my reading of available guide led trips, this should be plenty of time. Anyone have any input? Are there any recommendations of different starting points that would offer a more scenic or ideal hike? The reason i picked Turquoise is because that was a common hike Dick would take as described in his journals when he went on his photo shoots for wildlife.

Question 4:
I have a conceal and carry permit for WI. Does Alaska allow you to pack heat for protection from the wildlife, or is bear spray my only option?

I have more questions, but i'll start with these for now.

Thanks in advance and i look forward to reading all the info on this site!!