Just trying to see if this is normal for am i a very cold sleeper. I just got back from an ( day backpacking trip in Southern Utah. While down in Escalante river Canyon Night time temps dropped to 28. I didnt get cold but I was not comfortably warm. If it would had been any colder I probably would have gotten cold. My sleep gear

Heavy weight Merino wool base top
Heavy weight Capilene base bottoms
Heavy weight Merino wool Balakava
REI Expedition weight merino wool socks
Sol Escape bivy
Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 inside the sol escape bivy
Thermarest Xtherm pad.
I am 6'4, 200 lbs thin

I sleep in a SMD Deshute plus tarp but I had the side lowered all the way to the ground

Also we were next to the river but the river was only about 40 feet across but it was cold from snow melt

Just seems like over kill for 29 degrees