For Sale, Six Moons Designs Gatewood Cape and Serenity Net Tent. I bought both in early 2015 and have used them for about ten nights total since then; they are in good condition. The Gatewood Cape weighs 11.7 oz. on my accurate scales; the Net Tent weighs 10.8 oz. I have used this combination in a couple of rather stiff summer thunderstorms here in Arizona and have stayed dry. The Cape together with the Net Tent forms a lightweight double-wall tent; whatever condensation I’ve noticed has not been a serious problem. The cape can be used without the Net Tent in bug-free weather. I have also used the cape successfully as rain gear: this dual use for shelter and rain gear is a significant weight savings.

The photo below shows the cape and net tent in use in the Rincon Mountains of SE Arizona.

The Gatewood Cape sells new for $135 and the Net Tent sells new for $120 or $255 for the 22.5 oz. combination. I’m asking $160 plus shipping for both. Send me a PM if you are interested.

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