Some browsers (don't know which) being used by a small number of users tend to log-off automatically after you log-in preventing a person from posting.

Problem: apparently, some browsers do not like the arbitrary number of seconds or minutes assigned to cookies when the "keep me logged in" box is checked when a person logs-in. The browser will automatically log-out before you can post.

Solution: when logging in, DO NOT CHECK the "keep me logged in" box. The browser will then assign cookies for the current session only and is quite okay with that. In that scenario, not sure when the browser logs a person out (a specified period of time or after you drop the page from your browser), but in any case a person can expect to log-in each visit.

There are many advantages to being logged-in. In addition to being able to post, one has visibility of various indicators -- such as colored numbering of total new topics, threads & posts for each forum, since last visit. Many more functions, as well as personal tools in your "My Stuff" menu.

I think this login issue is known by the software author and it is being considered as they work on the next iteration.

Thanks, and for all who suffered this symptom, apologies. If you have further difficulties, please let us know.

Thanks to DJ2 for helping to find this solution. thanks

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