Sometimes when I'm out on a day hike, especially by myself I use an old stainless steel cup to brew up a hot drink. Well to save weigh I purchased a "Space Saver" hard anodized cup make by Olicamp. The price varies a great deal, from about $15 to $29, but I got it for 15 on Amazon. I like it a lot. A water bottle fits inside it (although space isn't my problem). Best of all it has nice handles and the base is wider than my old cup so it should take less time to heat water. Nice handles (although they did get hot while cooking, they cool off once the heat is turned off for a bit.) The ad I just read said 3.8 ounces, but my three scales all say 4.0 ounces. A little heavy, but it replaces my cook pot and cup. I will make a lid out of aluminum foil.
The hard anodizing looks very good. Seems very durable and has graduations on the side.
Jim M