Location: Grand Terrace, CA

I wasn't able to head out for a 'real' hike the last two weekends, but was able to get away for an hour or two.

Do you guys have a local hill or mountain that you use for training or for when you can't get away for the day?

Blue Mountain || Distance: ~3.16 mi || Duration: 1hr 25m || Gain/Loss: ±1,258′ || Net Elevation Gain (at Max Elevation): +982′ || Max Elevation: 2,406′ || Difficulty: Easy, but steep

Hiking with Dogs: Blue Mountain, November 8 2015

Riley is excited to get out for a while. San Bernardino Peak is the high point in the distance.

San Gabriel Mountains Behind Us

Wild burrows (sorry for the weird lens flare)

Nearing the summit

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