Welcome Newbies!

Ok we get asked this a lot - and that's ok.

Here's how you can get better answers from the experienced members here.

1) READ a few of the lists and guides here. Right on this site are the excellent:

27 pound 7 day pack list
and the
18 pound 3 day pack list

My (phat's) personal gear lists are posted in my signature, my "usual" is


You may not have EXACTLY this gear, but it will give you a very good idea of the kind of stuff many of us take. Have a look at a few of those, start making your own list based on what you have on hand. It helps to weigh what you have. Give them a read and think before asking.

Some repeating themes you'll hear a lot of us say:

1) Footwear is very personal, we can give general advice, but you just have to try them on - asking "what boots should I buy" will get you the answer "whatever feels good".
2) Some of us tent, some of us hammock, some of us do both. there's no right answer - you have to try it and find out.
3) There is no substitute for trying it out. backyards, and short overnighters, are great for figuring out what works for you and what does not, and what you need and what you don't.

Now that you've looked at some other lists, and are ready to ask some questions the most important thing is to start with Who you are - and WHERE you are - where are you planning on going backpacking and in what kind of temperatures. Your age and general "shape" are helpful - don't be shy, I'm a 45 year old fat guy, you don't need to be an olympic athlete to backpack.

This more than anything gives us a context for what you're going to do so we give you good advice - What works good in northern Canada is not necessarily what you want in the southern USA.

Welcome, and Enjoy!

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