Walking up from the river behind the house tonight the wife spotted a big bird silhouetted in the trees behind our house. We are frequented by Red Tailed hawks, Osprey and Eagles, we figured it was an Eagle. LB scooted into the house to grab our binoculars and sure enough a beautiful bald eagle perched high with the sun setting in the back round. At the different angle from the road it was lighted nicely so we could watch as it scanned back and forth. We watched for several minutes and then it took flight gliding to a group of trees to our left and just as it went to perch again another eagle launched from the branch that the first was to land on. As it set it its wings gliding to the right the 2nd eagle landed where the first had perched. Very cool. The second bird was slightly smaller. I then went in and grabbed my spotting scope and had a great look at the big bird. I watch until the fire red sun set behind the foothills in the distance. What a treat. I could have watched for hours. We are hoping that they are a breeding pair looking for a nesting sight. It would be fun to watch them every day.