The FlameStower is a field charging unit that allows the charging of USB enabled devices (cell and satellite phones, handheld GPS units, AA and AAA batteries, headlamps, digital cameras, etc.). Place the blade on or near a heat source, (camping stove or fire, candles even), and put water in the reservoir. The heat is transferred to the Thermoelectric Generator (TEG), the hot side gets hot, the cold side stays relatively cool, and the temperature difference generates electricity.

Unlike solar chargers, this has the capacity to charge devices at night or in very overcast conditions. Cook a meal and charge your devices at the same time. It would take about three hours to fully charge a phone. That’s a while to keep a fire going, but the ability to charge stuff in addition to/instead of a solar charger is a great thing. I often hike with just an alcohol stove, and have it going long enough just to boil the water I need. But at other times I hike with a BushBuddy. This, if (more likely when) I get one, makes it likely that the BB ends up as something I carry on more than just trips of longer duration.

It weights 225 gr. (8 oz.) and its collapsed size is 19.5 cm (7.75") x 5.75 cm (2.25") x 2.5 cm (1"). The rated voltage is 5 V, standard power is 2 W, and maximum power is 3 W.

I almost think I like this earlier prototype a little more than the slicker production version. It looks a little more compact.