At the end of a long line for train tickets were a random woman and a random man. When they got to the ticket counter the salesman said that there were only two sleepers left on the train and that they were in the same room. He could sell them the tickets but they would have to sleep in the same room. They each agreed and bought a ticket.

The man graciously offered to sleep in the top bunk and, as it was already late, they each climbed into they're beds.

After a couple of minutes the man said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but would you mind handing me a blanket from the closet?"

The woman replied. "I tell you what, how about just for tonight we pretend to be husband and wife?"

The man got excited and said, "That sounds great."

The woman then said..., "Great, get your own damn blanket."

So the man, disappointed, rolled over, farted, and went to sleep.
i really don't think that applies to me.