Thing was delivered a while back but my companion is preoccupied with some professional matters and I haven't used it.

It's nice. I like it very much. Is much cheaper than similarly high-quality goods from comparable manufacturers.

Is less than half the cost of Black Diamond Megamid & BD bug insert combo, to which it is reasonably comparable, though larger and I suppose, slightly heavier.

I'd say it is almost (but not) trivially larger than my Golite "Hex 3." But if it were, say 50 percent larger than it is, I'd start to get very enthusiastic as a real and significantly different tent to Hex -3 (much like current SL3)

But this is a mere and very brief backyard impression. Perhaps when I visit my favorite hot-summer beaver swamp in Vermont, I will become more enthused about mosquito protection.

As it is, I continue to personally prefer the Hex-3, but the lady laid down the law about bugs and floors.

As with the Hex three, SL5 is wildly over-rated in square feet as a five person tent. Is a very pleasantly large two-person tent. Especially with "nest" insert installed, which reduces square feet by 20-30 percent. It will work, somewhat, with petite woman companion and two large & unruly dogs.

At six pounds with bug&floor thing it is a viable, but very heavy backpacking tent. Canopy alone at three pounds is fine for whatever.

Of course, with both tents, the idea of finding a tiny little nook on forest floor for sleeping must be severely modified, given expansive floor plan.

Especially with floor/bug thing installed, you've really need a fairly expansive "site." (Without floor&net-thing, one can be slightly less picky.)

Mostly at treeline, particularly in central and southern Rockies or any other relatively open forest, or on snowpack, this is not a problem. In car camping, this is rarely a problem.

In other, more brushy environments, this can severely reduce flexibility, though it can normally be dealt with, given some foresight.