My wife and I own a walking safari company here in Kenya. We are very interested in completing a Wilderness First Responder course for ourselves as well as our three Masai Guides and so we would love to inquire about how we can get a WFR instructor to come here and teach us. We would be especially interested in someone who might teach the course in exchange for airfare and a free 4 day walking safari. We have written to NOLS but we have received no response? I don't know what is appropriate according to NOLS and how their organization puts its instructors out there but I have included my details below in case this kind of an arrangement would work with an applicant reading these boards.

Thanks for your ideas. James Christian

If instead we needed to put together a proper course for more participants we could offer the use of our ranch / offices and help to recruit other students here. Apply by email through our website and please pass on this opportunity to others who might be interested.