I took my wife backpacking this week, we did Half Dome in Yosemite. Just an overnight trip. She doesn't go out with me much, I thought I would try something new for dinner that would encourage her to hike with me more often. I tried this recipe from backpacker.com: http://www.backpacker.com/june_09_parmesanpolenta_pizza/skills/13129

It was awesome! I used a 7" fry pan, and the recipe was enough to make two pizzas in that pan. Its basically a cornmeal/Parmesan crust, you should feel free to experiment with toppings. Next time I may use pepperoni instead of salami, maybe string cheese(easier to carry), maybe some capers, oregano. Since we were only out for one night, I brought fresh mushrooms and a small bell pepper. I put some garlic in with the oil and basil at home. I would eat this at home, no problem. So would my wife!