I ski with about a 25 pound pack to go snow camping and it includes my Bibler tent, and pretty macho stove/cook gear.

My tent/bag/pad/z rester weigh about 13 pounds. Everything else including food and water weighs 12 pounds.

If I leave out the above tent/bag/pad/z rest and the clothes and the food and water, whats left is 5 pounds of gear which icludes:
canteen with insulater
forst aid/misc stuff
foam pillow
toilet paper
two lights
some pieces of cord
pee bottle
fuel bottle with 6 oz fuel
xtreme stove w windscreen
Alladin cup
ti pan spoon fork and plastic knife

What I'm saying is, separate your stuff into some major groups and work on group weight - for 2 nights.
10 lb = tent/shelter, pack, bag, pad
5 lbs = spare clothes
5 lbs = food and water
5 pounds = everything else.

If you ski, you don't need ski skins and you don't have to drag a sled. If you keep your pack around 25 pounds, you will be able to ski with it, go 30 or 35 and it gets harder fast. I used to ski with a 45 pound pack and it was still easier than pulling a sled. interestingly I am still using almost the exact same gear as then, only I take less of it. Experience has shown me what I can leave out, and this the way a beginner should learn - take too much at first, which means you won't go real far.
These are my own opinions based on wisdom earned through many wrong decisions. Your mileage may vary.