The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike-and-Hike Trail is a great 9-mile ride from the Mammoth Cave Hotel to outside the park entrance at Park City, Kentucky. I chose to start at the Hotel since it results in a loss of about 250 feet net.

The tread is either hard-packed gravel...

leaf-covered gravel...

or boardwalk.

It made its way to a decent overlook, where Sleeps With Skunks was waiting as my sag wagon.

I journeyed up the trail to Furlong Cemetary, the first of a number which the trail would visit.

SWS was waiting for me at Sloan's Crossing Pond, where she had hiked the .4 mile boardwalk around the pond, while waiting for me.

I continued on to one more stop near another cemetary, then pushed the last couple of mile with joy as they were nearly all slightly downhill. I made great time to Diamond Caverns, a private cave located just outside the park entrance.

I began to push the last 1.3 miles to I-65 and Park City itself, but police tape closed the trail due to a "prairie restoration project". Even so, the 8 miles I rode were quite pleasant.